Home Automation

A smart home is where the heart is

Octia Corporation’s Home Automation solutions seamlessly integrate compatible devices and accessories, including temperature monitors, power meters, sensors and switches into an easy-to-control, centralized system. We help create richer technology experiences by combining Apple’s smart HomeKit application and Elgato Eve’s industry-leading devices which results in an innovative, simple, and secure network for consumers.

Our Home Automation platform lets you take advantage of the interoperability and flexibility of IoT-connected devices and all the appliances that make home life better.

Octia Corporation Home Automation solutions let you:

  • Easily control all HomeKit-compatible devices and accessories in one convenient application
  • Adjust accessories from anywhere -- whether it’s light, temperature, volume, or security settings
  • Benefit from a range of reliable Elgato Eve accessories -- radiators, lights, and other appliances -- that make life easier

Home automation that simplifies daily life


Power Meters

Indoor and Outdoor Sensors


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Motion Sensors

On-Off Switches

Let us help you harness all the convenience technology has to offer.

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